The High Times of Altius Dispensary

Round Lake Park, IL was once known as the Land of Lakes but these days, locals know it better as the land of green leaves, all thanks to Altius Dispensary! Dare we say, this town’s got a new kind of green thumb?

Goodbye Gardening, Hello Ganja!

Before Altius Dispensary set up shop, the most exciting thing to grow in Round Lake Park was tomatoes. But who wants homegrown tomatoes when you could stroll down to your friendly neighborhood cannabis store instead? Sorry tomatoes, you just don’t cut it anymore.

Beyond Brownie Recipes

Used to be, knowledge about ‘herb diversity’ made you a good chef. Now, it means you’re well-versed in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Researching recipes? Nah, these days, research means a trip to Altius – the best cannabis store, if you’re asking us.

Take a Leaf Out of Our Book

So, bid adieu to the anti-cannabis story. Altius Dispensary in Round Lake Park is turning over a new leaf, one that’s green, smokable, and very much legal. It’s one shake-up we’re certainly ‘high’ about!