SOAR Above Your Expectations at Our Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Are you on the lookout for grade-A medical marijuana? Maybe you’ve been asking “where’s the best cannabis near me?”. If so, we know a secret spot in Oxford, MS- SOAR Dispensary. It’s not The Oscars but, we still roll out the ‘green’ carpet!

SOAR Dispensary is no one-hit-wonder, we’ve got franchises growing faster than a headline of Sunflowers in Starkville, MS, and Grenada, MS too. That’s right, we’ve got the North and the South covered like a generous sprinkling of Parmesan on your favorite pasta dish.

At SOAR Dispensary, we elevate the meaning of a traditional medical marijuana dispensary. You won’t find any behind-the-counter sneaky-deal type transactions here. No Siree! We pride ourselves on our chic decor and transparent service.

Interested in a giggle-bud? Or maybe you’re partial to a peaceful pipe-full of tranquility? Whatever strain you’re looking for, our menu has more options than fancy donut shop. Click here to see our catalog.

Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help you figure out which of our products can best help put the spring back in your step. Come SOAR with us today!