A Day in the Life at Mana Supply: Nurturing Growth, Knowledge, and Community

At Mana Supply, each day is unique and filled with exciting challenges and opportunities to learn. We don’t just operate as a chain of cannabis dispensaries – we serve as a warm, welcoming space for both new and long-standing cannabis consumers to discover and explore. It helps that Mana translates to ‘power’ and ‘authority’, and it is the guiding force in everything we do.

Starting the Day with A Smile

Our day begins early, with a morning huddle that sets the stage for a high-spirited day. It’s a time to share updates, goals for the day, and a few laughs to brighten up the morning. As team members, we consider our roles more than just jobs. We are educators, counselors, and friends to our ever-growing community of customers.

Knowledge-driven Customer Service

We take pride in our high standards of customer service. Whether customers are newbies to the world of cannabis or seasoned enthusiasts, we provide an understanding, friendly, and informative environment. Our well-trained team of sales associates guide consumers through their journey, demystifying the various strains, edibles, and topicals on offer.

Fostering Long-term Connections

Perhaps the most rewarding part of our role at Mana Supply is the relationships we form with our customers. Seeing the same faces return to our stores, chat, and share their experiences with us, make every long day worth it. We’d like to believe that our customers walk away from Mana a little wiser, more informed, and with a bigger smile on their faces. Being an employee at Mana Supply means being a part of a larger family, or as we lovingly call it, our ‘ohana’.

The day at Mana Supply ends as it began, with a final huddle and shared appreciation for the day’s successes and lessons. After all, it’s not just about cannabis – it’s about the power of shared knowledge, understanding, and community. At Mana Supply, that’s a regular day at work.